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Legendary New York Yankees closer Mariano Rivera tells general manager Brian Cashman he will pitch in the Bronx in 2013

While recovering from a torn ACL, legendary New York Yankees closer Mariano Rivera told general manager Brian Cashman on Friday that he will return for his 19th season in the Bronx in 2013. The soon-to-be 43-year-old Rivera, a 12-time All-Star who has compiled 76 wins, in comparison to 58 losses, with a record 608 saves and a 2.21 ERA since debuting in Gotham in May 1995, injured his right leg while shagging balls during batting practice prior to a game against the Kansas City Royals on May 3. “Rivera contacted us and wants to play,” said Cashman, 45, who now … Continue reading

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Diets designed to help raise your metabolism

Metabolism is a set of chemical processes that transpires within organisms to enable life to flourish. Specifically, metabolism relates to the food you consume and your body’s ability to convert it into energy to function properly. Similarly, a metabolic rate measures the calories you ingest in comparison to the amount your body is able to burn. All organisms’ metabolic rates vary depending on many factors. You should incorporate certain foods into your diet to help raise metabolism. Grapefruit for Breakfast Grapefruits are loaded with vitamin C and they reduce insulin levels in your body. Heightened insulin levels instigate your system … Continue reading

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Ab exercises you can do to develop a flat stomach

Like most people, you want a flat and fit stomach. Unfortunately, you can’t attain one by simply exercising. Doing abdominal exercises without first shedding your midsection’s flabbiness will make your stomach gain muscle and enlarge. So, establish a healthy and balanced diet to diminish fat in your core muscles. After removing any existing pudginess, regularly engage in a variety of abdominal exercises to create flat abs that will make you the envy of others. The Stomach Vacuum There are countless types of abdominal exercises that will help to flatten your stomach. However, the simplest abdominal exercise is an isometric contraction … Continue reading

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Houston Texans fans should applaud Mario Williams tomorrow as a member of the Buffalo Bills

With Buffalo prepared to play the Texans tomorrow at Reliant Stadium in Houston, Bills defensive end Mario Williams is imploring fans to realize he never wanted to relocate from the “Space City” last spring. Williams, who the Texans (6-1) chose out of North Carolina State University with the first pick in the 2006 NFL Draft, inked a six-year contract worth roughly $100 million with the Bills (3-4) as a free agent in March. “Fans that saw me said, ‘Don’t leave.’ I said ‘I don’t want to leave.’ That’s just how it is,” said Williams, 27, a two-time All-Pro who established … Continue reading

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Birthday babe of the week – Jenny McCarthy

Humorous eye-candy, and wannabe actress, Jenny McCarthy turned 40 yesterday, November 1. The 5-foot-7, 120 pound McCarthy, born and raised by Irish Catholics in Chicago, Illinois, was a struggling model trying to afford an education at the University of Southern Illinois in 1993. Around this time, Hugh Hefner wisely enticed McCarthy with loot and the vixen gladly posed raw in a 1993 Playboy spread. McCarthy, who had her surgically bolstered 38D funbags reduced to an unknown size in 1998, was ultimately chosen as the 1994 Playboy Playmate of the Year. The Chicagoan, whose younger sister, Amy, also stripped for the … Continue reading

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