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The many benefits of doing pull-ups

Pull-ups are the pre-eminent exercise for building upper-body strength and muscle mass. A pull-up is a compound exercise that primarily concentrates on enhancing the muscles in your back, shoulders and arms. Pull-ups additionally strengthen your grip and serratus, pectorals and abdominal muscles. Completing a proper pull-up is not an easy task. However, once you are able to properly do pull-ups routinely, your body will become noticeably more toned and muscular. Pull-Ups An elevated and sturdy bar is required to do pull-ups. Grasp the bar with your hands at shoulder width with your palms facing forward and allow your body to … Continue reading

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Memorable sports moment of the week – Standout Washington Redskins free safety Sean Taylor is murdered by five thugs

Five years ago this Tuesday on November 27, 2007, bruising Washington Redskins free safety Sean Taylor succumbed to a gunshot wound that penetrated his femoral artery during a botched burglary inside his lavish home in Palmetto Bay, Florida. The 6-foot-2, 212 pound Taylor, who Washington selected out of the University of Miami with the fifth pick in the 2004 NFL Draft, reported that his place of residence was ransacked a mere eight days before being slain by the same posse of lowlife thugs. While yellow journalists and badass Internet gossipers speculated that the former Hurricane was targeted due to his … Continue reading

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