A longstanding juicehead, Boston Red Sox star David Ortiz remains one of the ‘bad people trying to do stupid things’ in baseball


David Ortiz has likely been abusing performance-enhancing drugs since the Clinton Administration.

Speaking with WEEI on Tuesday, Boston Red Sox star David Ortiz continues to deny cheating and remains baffled by how he tested positive for performance-enhancing drugs in 2003.

Currently hitting .326 with 21 homers and 73 RBI in 356 at bats, Ortiz was identified in 2009 by The New York Times as one of approximately 100 ballplayers pinched for doping.

“A lot of things went down that year. Things I had nothing to do with. It was somebody was trying to hurt me,” said Ortiz, 37, who acclaimed Boston Globe sportswriter Dan Shaughnessy rightfully insinuated is still a farce. “It is something that is still in the dark because nobody ever had the [guts] to come to me and say, ‘This is what was happening.’ You damaged my image at the time, and it has always stayed like that. No explanation. No nothing. A lot of things happen in your career that has to do with bad people trying to do stupid things.”

At least somewhat the result of being a raging juicehead, the 6-foot-4, 250 pound Ortiz has suffered from an irregular heartbeat and battled knee, shoulder, heel, quadriceps and wrist injuries over the past seven seasons.

Since debuting with the Minnesota Twins in September 1997, “Big Papi” has compiled the most ever dingers (422) and RBI (1,399) by a DH and last summer became only the 49th slugger to go yard 400 times.

Named by Sports Illustrated to its MLB All-Decade Team in 2009, Ortiz should realize all modern athletes are scrutinized because of their fraternal fraudulence and years of lying to the masses.

Most importantly, the nine-time All-Star and 2004 ALCS Most Valuable Player must accept he’s already been revealed as a charlatan.

Obese and graying, Ortiz absolutely reeks of maintaining an illicit regimen to deceive America’s pastime.

A primary mug of the Steroid Era, David Ortiz is one of the “bad people trying to do stupid things” in baseball.

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