A ‘sharp’ Matt Flynn will ‘clearly’ start for the Oakland Raiders over Tyler Wilson


Raiders quarterback Matt Flynn is “clearly” the man in “The Town.”

With rookie Tyler Wilson struggling badly during Friday’s practice, an onlooker stated a “sharp” Matt Flynn will “clearly” be under center when the Oakland Raiders play the Colts in Indianapolis on September 8.

Oakland acquired the 27-year-old Flynn from the Seattle Seahawks on April 1 in exchange for a fifth-round selection in 2014 and a “conditional” late-round choice in 2015.

The 23-year-old Wilson and Terrelle Pryor have been battling Flynn to become the man in “Bump City.”

Removed from a 4-12 finish in the AFC West, the Raiders aren’t exactly brimming with offensive talent and Flynn doesn’t possess the type of arm that can compensate for Oakland’s shortcomings.

Flynn and Pryor have a combined three starts and all three competitors are learning a new offensive system.

Therefore, it’s safe to predict the Raiders will eventually use the 6-foot-2, 215 pound Wilson.

Taken out of Arkansas with the 112th pick in April’s draft, Wilson is tough, poised, accurate and able to throw when pressured.

Most importantly, Wilson is more skilled than both Flynn and Pryor.

Although apparently not “sharp” now, expect Tyler Wilson to be directing The Silver and Black by Halloween.

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