Able to run from assault charges, Jaguars star Maurice Jones-Drew needs to soon bolt from Jacksonville

Maurice Jones-Drew may have used those muscles to knockout a bouncer.

Despite allegedly knocking a doorman onto Queer Street in St. Augustine, Florida, the State Attorney’s Office will not pursue assault charges against Jaguars star Maurice Jones-Drew.

With Jones-Drew entering the final year of a $31 million deal, the fuzz concluded there was insufficient evidence to build a case against the three-time All-Pro.

Now, rather than worrying about litigation, the 28-year-old Jones-Drew can concentrate on recovering form his surgically repaired foot.

Scheduled to earn $4.95 million in 2013, the former Bruin claimed to feel “great” over the weekend.

The 2011 NFL rushing champion who established Jacksonville’s record for most yards that season with 1,606, Jones-Drew will be helped in the backfield this autumn by Denard Robinson.

Taking into account Jacksonville’s 2-14 record in the AFC South and primarily atrocious 53-man roster, new head coach Gus Bradley will certainly rely on the legs of Jones-Drew and Robinson.

Destined to be overworked by Bradley, Jones-Drew should focus, dominate, and seek greener pastures as a free agent next spring.

Needing a fresh start, expect Maurice Jones-Drew to soon bolt from “The Bold New City of the South.”

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