Based in Boston, Colin Linneweber has been compensated to write for various publications since the age of 15. While working for a separate organization, Linneweber’s sports articles were consistently linked to the boxing section of CBSsports.com and periodically featured on ESPN.com. Linneweber is statistically ranked amongst the elite online boxing writers nationally. The Boston resident published high-quality works regarding health, fitness, nutrition and other lifestyle topics for Livestrong from 2009 to 2011.

In late April 2012, Linneweber established SportsByColin.com. SportsByColin.com focuses on baseball, basketball, boxing, football, health, nutrition, diet, fitness and beautiful women. Three to four unique articles are posted on a daily basis. The writing blends comprehensive sports reporting with witty humor and needed levity. The website aims to inform and entertain while maintaining extreme professionalism. SportsByColin.com is affiliated with YardBarker with FoxSports.com on MSN.

Altogether, Colin Linneweber has now garnered in excess of 10 million reads.

* David H. Dame serves as the Director of Business Development for SportsByColin.com.

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