Although harder to root for than the reemergence of polio, hopefully Ryan Leaf can find solace in the slammer

Many thought this degenerate, Ryan Leaf, would become a better player than Peyton Manning.

For behaving like a clown’s pocket and threatening a staff member, former San Diego Chargers quarterback Ryan Leaf was tossed from a drug treatment center on Thursday and will now be forced to rehabilitate at the Montana State Prison in Deer Lodge.

“The Montana Department of Corrections terminated Leaf from the treatment program and placed him in prison after he was found guilty of behavior that violated conditions of his drug treatment placement,” Dawn Handa, regional probation and parole administrator in Great Falls, said in a statement. “The violations included threatening a program staff member.”

The 36-year-old Leaf, who the Chargers selected out of Washington State University with the second overall pick in the 1998 NFL draft, was pinched by the fuzz last spring for possessing stolen oxycodone pills in his golf bag.

After posting a $76,000 bond to continue prowling the streets of “The Electric City,” the erstwhile Cougar was collared a mere day later on charges of breaking into a local home and swiping three more bottles of prescription medication.

Leaf, the 1997 Pac-10 Offensive Player of the Year who led the Cougars to their first ever Pac-10 title, remains the primary suspect in numerous unsolved burglaries over the past three years.

Prior to being snagged and removed from society, authorities had placed Leaf under surveillance in response to a tip that the disgraced signal-caller had been receiving approximately two packages weekly stuffed with in excess of $500 worth of dope at the town post office.

Leaf, who threw 14 touchdowns, against 36 interceptions, for 3,666 yards in 25 games as an NFL employee, last stepped onto the gridiron with the Dallas Cowboys in 2001.

Arguably the most loathed athlete to ever perform in “America’s Finest City,” Leaf was an unprofessional, and unmitigated, disaster basically from the instant he became a Charger.

Exacerbating his atrocious play, Leaf was an unlikable, childish punk who was harder to root for than the reemergence of polio.

Nevertheless, the Heisman Trophy finalist of yesteryear is obviously a very sick man with a debilitating addiction and disease.

Hopefully, Ryan Leaf, the player the NFL Network listed as the biggest quarterback bust in the annals of the league, can somehow manage to find solace and overall health in the slammer.

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