Amir Khan claims Devon Alexander is ‘coming up with excuses’ to avoid fighting

Amir Khan’s chin is weaker than the global economy.

Tentatively slated to meet Devon Alexander on December 7 in Dubai, Amir Khan claimed on Saturday that the IBF welterweight titlist is now “coming up with excuses” to avoid scrapping.

“We are looking at December 7 for my next fight and looking at opponents,” Khan, 26, told Sky Sports. “I have tried to get Devon Alexander. It was looking promising. He said he wanted to fight at the start and now it slowly seems that he is not 100 percent sure about it, coming up with excuses. Even if it’s not in Dubai, I will fight him in America. I will fight him wherever. It’s all about moving to that big fight against Floyd Mayweather. Hopefully getting this win against Alexander will get me into that fight.”

Flattened by a left hook in the fourth and staggered by the same punch in the eighth, 10th and 11th rounds, Khan (28-3, 19 KOs) most recently escaped from the squared circle in April with a unanimous decision triumph over Mexican Julio Diaz.

In regard to the southpaw from St. Louis, the 26-year-old Alexander (25-1, 14 KOs) last vacated the ring in May after stopping Brit Lee Purdy in seven rounds.

A 2004 Olympic silver medalist, “King Khan” is a human chandelier capable of getting floored at any moment with one decisive shot to the kisser.

Although one of the most youthful British world champs ever at the age of 22, Khan is simply an overrated prizefighter with a fragile chin.

With “that big fight against Floyd Mayweather” currently an unrealistic option, expect Amir Khan to get knocked onto Queer Street by Devon Alexander this winter in the United Arab Emirates.

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