As an underrated passer, Matt Barkley ‘has a personality that is going to take him a long way’ in the NFL

Matt Barkley can succeed as an NFL quarterback without a cannon for an arm.

Decision makers across the NFL have differing opinions on Matt Barkley and it’s entirely unknown where the former USC signal-caller will be selected in Thursday’s draft.

Despite completing 55-of-60 attempts at Pro Day, Yahoo’s Mike Silver reports a “high-level executive for one quarterback-needy franchise” was so unimpressed with Barkley’s arm strength that he bailed early during the 45-minute workout session in March.

On the contrary, one AFC coach has “studied (the 22-year-old Barkley) extensively” and believes the sullied Trojan “has a personality that is going to take him a long way.”

The 6-foot-2, 230 pound Barkley, who many wrongly predicted would guide USC (7-6) to its 12th national championship and become the school’s seventh Heisman Memorial Trophy winner, is apparently recovered from suffering a Grade 3 AC joint separation against UCLA in November.

Once projected as the first overall choice, Barkley’s stock plummeted in 2012 after struggling in Troy behind a veteran offensive line with countless offensive weapons at his disposal.

Granted, the native Californian isn’t blessed with a powerful cannon like Joe Flacco.

Regardless, the greatest quality a passer can possess is accuracy and Barkley displayed pinpoint control with the pigskin over four seasons in one of La-La Land’s rougher ghettos.

Rather than seeking bat caves like Ryan Leaf and JaMarcus Russell, perhaps scouts should start embracing players like Matt Barkley who “has a personality that is going to take him a long way.”

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