Barry Bonds doesn’t need to act phony to again become a San Francisco Giant

Barry Bonds is an unlikable genius at the plate.

Disgraced Major League Baseball home run king Barry Bonds told reporters yesterday at AT&T Park that he has spoke with San Francisco President and CEO Larry Baer about joining the Giants as an instructor.

A noticeably slimmer, and uncharacteristically jovial, Bonds actually managed to treat members of the media like humans while publicly lobbying for a job.

The notorious, and justifiably reviled, juicehead stated his desire to help “major leaguers (and) minor leaguers” because “his expertise is baseball.”

The 14-time All-Star and seven-time National League MVP, who amassed 762 homers, 2,935 hits and 1,996 RBI in 21 professional seasons, behaved nicely because he is a fake weasel with ulterior motives.

It is readily evident that the 47-year-old Bonds, a genuine villain who used virtually every steroid invented to thrive on the diamond, is bored and desperate for work.

Hence, the insufferable outcast is attempting to charm the press to better his chances of again becoming an employee of “Los Gigantes.”

Comically, Bonds, an eight-time Gold Glove Award winner who was essentially blacklisted from the sport in September 2007, likely doesn’t need to playact a phony to impress Baer.

Despite being a raging abuser of synthetic testosterone, Bonds remains extremely popular in “The City by the Bay” and his credentials are unrivaled.

It is feasible that the obnoxious son of former major league All-Star Bobby Bonds has been humbled and is now capable of communicating in a civil manner.

With or without needless, “the cream,” or “the clear,” Barry Bonds’ “expertise is baseball” and his knowledge at the plate could absolutely benefit rising sluggers.

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