Birthday babe of the day – Actress Tara Reid

Reid memorably propositioned The Dude.

Notorious partygoer and middling actress Tara Reid turned 38 on Friday, November 8.

Reid became smitten with the knife and ultimately had a liposuction that resulted in deformity.

Please see below for Reid’s measurements and personal information.

Wyckoff, New Jersey

Height / Weight: 5’5” / 110 pounds

Eye color: Blue

Hair color: Blonde

Bra size: 34C (Falsies)

Adult relationships: Reid’s spent quality time with numerous musicians, athletes and Hollywood bigwigs. The boozy New Jerseyan is currently seeing a homely man named Erez Eisen.

Tom Brady clipped Reid and eventually upgraded to Gisele Bündchen.

A staple in men’s periodicals who is addicted to plastic surgery, Reid first garnered attention playing Bunny in The Big Lebowski.

However, the temptress of English, Italian, Irish, Hungarian and French descent is mainly known for portraying Vickie in American Pie.

To a woman who can somehow stomach Paris Hilton, Happy Birthday wishes are courteously offered to Tara Reid!

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