Birthday babe of the day – Brazilian model Elisandra Tomacheski

Tomacheski reportedly has a way with words.

Exquisite Brazilian Elisandra Tomacheski turned 28 on Monday, October 28.

Many experts agree that Tomacheski could play a pivotal role in the global war on terrorism.

Please see below for Tomacheski’s measurements and personal information.

Birthplace: Rio Grande do Sul

Height / Weight: 5’8” / Unknown

Eye color: Blue

Hair color: Blonde

Bra size: 34B

Adult relationships:
Directing an extremely stealth operation, Tomacheski’s bedroom antics remain concealed. Nevertheless, the Brazilian sexpot certainly isn’t lacking suitors.

A petition is circulating in Rio Grande do Sul that would require Tomacheski to wear this outfit while shopping.

A devout Roman Catholic, Tomacheski’s been compensated to fornicate with cameras for recognized brands like Izod, Island Company, Foschini Limited and Elis.

To an enigmatic knockout, Happy Birthday wishes are kindly offered to Elisandra Tomacheski!

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