Birthday babe of the day – British nude model Louise Glover

Fittingly, Glover has an Alabama license plate.

Badass Brit Louise Glover turned 31 on Saturday, February 8.

This picture explains why Glover was named “Model of the Year” in Playboy Special Editions.

Please see below for Glover’s measurements and personal information.

Birthplace: St Helens, England

Height / Weight:
5’8” / 118 pounds

Eye color: Hazel

Hair color: Brown

Bra size: 34D (Silicones)

Adult relationships: Glover periodically snuggled with Rio Ferdinand in the early 2000s. Starting anew, the voluptuous glamour model has been married to some guy named Ben for in excess of seven years.

Glover could survive in a jungle.

A fixture in numerous men’s periodicals, Glover achieved fame as the United Kingdom’s Penthouse “Pet of the Month” in March 2007.

However, the beauty gained infamy as a bloodthirsty loon.

While boozing at a nightclub, Glover surmised that a then 23-year-old DJ Maxine Hardcastle was giving her husband bedroom eyes.

Like a Corleone enforcer, Glover hawked Hardcastle and eventually tailed the DJ into the restroom.

Subsequently, the violent vixen battered Hardcastle with a series of blows to the mug and attempted to shove the poor lady’s head down a shitter.

Glover left Hardcastle bloodied with a fractured beak and permanent patch of missing hair.

Facing charges for the lopsided catfight, the judge accused Glover of showing “complete absence of any sign of remorse” and having perpetrated a “vicious and unprovoked attack.”

The aggressive Englishwoman was found guilty and sentenced to a suspended prison term and community service.

To a sexpot not to be trifled with, Happy Birthday wishes are promptly offered to Louise Glover!

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