Birthday babe of the day – Jennifer Connelly

Yes, Connelly studied at Yale and Stanford!

Critically acclaimed actress Jennifer Connelly will turn 43 on Thursday, December 12.

Connelly is arguably history’s preeminent Brooklynite!

Please see below for Connelly’s measurements and personal information.

Birthplace: Cairo, New York

Height / Weight: 5’5” / 134 pounds

Eye color: Green

Hair color: Black

Bra size: 34C

Adult relationships: Connelly had a son out of wedlock in 1997 with photographer David Dugan. Since axing Dugan, the scintillating thespian’s married English actor Paul Bettany and had two more tikes.

Connelly is an atypical brainiac.

Connelly, who is of Irish, Norwegian and Jewish descent, initially achieved recognition by portraying Sarah in Labyrinth.

However, the Brooklynite emerged as a Hollywood heavyweight by playing Marion in Requiem for a Dream.

To a woman who has frequently been hailed as one of the most beautiful people in the world, Happy Birthday wishes are kindly sent in advance to Jennifer Connelly!

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