Birthday babe of the day – Arousing actress Rachel Bilson

This is what Rachel Bilson does before reading

Exquisite wool Rachel Bilson will turn 32 on Sunday, August 25.

Born in “La-La Land,” the 5-foot-2, 106 pound Bilson is mainly known for portraying Summer Roberts on the unwatchable series The O.C.

Rumors that Bilson was deflowered in the restroom of an In-N-Out Burger have gone unfounded.

When not causing narcolepsy via television, the brown-haired, brown-eyed Bilson is a beauty who Maxim ranked in 2005 as the world’s sixth premier nether lips.

A beaver of Jewish and Italian ancestry, Tinseltown’s finest has done the horizontal poker with Josh Groban and Adam Brody.

A Yellow Polka Dot Bikini and Bilson are perfect together.

Clipping Groban and Brody, Bilson has been stimulating Hayden Christensen’s heat-seeking moisture missile since 2007.

To a knockout with 32B lady lumps, Happy Birthday wishes are kindly conveyed to Rachel Bilson!

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