Birthday babe of the day – David Beckham’s mistress, Rebecca Loos

David Beckham realized that Rebecca Loos is an ideal role model for today’s youth.

Spanish strumpet Rebecca Loos turned 36 on Wednesday, June 19.

Born in Madrid, the 5-foot-7 Loos is a household name for allowing married footballer David Beckham to go balls deep.

A sugar basin of Dutch and English descent, the sweltering Spaniard has flaunted her enhanced 34D rack in periodicals like Playboy, FHM and Nuts.

Rebecca Loos looks bushed.

When not taking meat from Victoria Beckham’s husband, Loos has hit the sack with Ben Weeden, Jose Briano, Kyle Browne, Tony Robinson, Calum Best and Matthew Ridge.

An ardent bisexual who adores snatch, the brown-haired, brown-eyed floozy has also been pleasured by Virginie, Emma Basden and Jenny Shimizu.

Rebecca Loos’ breasts likely outweigh Victoria Beckham.

Now married with two sons, the classy Loos will always remain a potential banging partner.

To a tattooed woman with an Alabama license plate, Happy Birthday wishes are belatedly delivered to Rebecca Loos!

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