Birthday babe of the day – Russian model Valentina Zelyaeva

All of Russia should be proud of Valentina Zelyaeva.

Towering Russian siren Valentina Zelyaeva turned 31 on Friday, October 11.

Please see below for Zelyaeva’s measurements and personal information.

Most historians agree that Zelyaeva could have prevented the Cold War.

Birthplace: Ulan Ude, Russia

Height / Weight:
5’10” / 114 pounds

Eye color: Green

Hair color: Blonde

Bra size: 33B

Adult relationships: Apparently loyal and trustworthy, Zelyaeva has been seeing some unknown guy since George W. Bush’s second term.

Zelyaeva is seen taking a needed dip.

Zelyaeva has fornicated with cameras for renowned brands and periodicals like Tommy Hilfiger, Coach, Calvin Klein, Ralph Lauren, Elle and Harper’s Bazaar.

Despite being in a committed partnership, Ralph Lauren’s face still lacks a ring.

Accordingly, Zelyaeva remains a viable option for cockeyed optimists everywhere.

To an available beauty, Happy Birthday wishes are promptly sent to Valentina Zelyaeva!

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