Birthday babe of the week – Anna Kournikova

Anna Kournikova was a timeless athlete.

Former tennis stunner Anna Kournikova was born 31-years-ago this Thursday, June 7, in Moscow, Russia.

Kournikova, who turned professional in October 1995 and retired due to chronic back ailments in May 2007, played in both singles and doubles tournaments.

The Russian siren compiled a mark of 209-129 as a singles competitor and went 200-71 in doubles events.

Critics have consistently bashed the Miami resident for being an overrated player who capitalized off her looks to mask the fact she never won a Women’s Tennis Association (WTA) singles title.

In terms of hype versus actual production, perhaps FHM’s “Sexiest Woman in the World” was a tad overblown by the fans and media alike.

Nevertheless, Kournikova was rated in 2000 by the WTA as the eighth preeminent player in the world and in November 1999 she attained, and ended that season as, the top ranked doubles player in the world.

Due to her worldwide status as vixen, the often scantily-clad, aggressive baseline force earned a minor role in the Farrelly brothers 2000 film Me, Myself & Irene.

After bedding a slew of older Russian hockey players as a youngster, the sexy pinup has dated, and possibly at some point married, Spanish pop crooner Enrique Iglesias since the winter of 2001.

With or without exchanging nuptials, Kournikova and Iglesias have been in a longstanding relationship for 10 years now.

The “hottest female athlete” on was a pleasure to watch perform with a racquet for nearly twelve-years and Happy Birthday wishes are certainly warranted for Anna Kournikova.

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