Birthday babe of the week – Blake Lively

Blake is fine trim.

Scorching actress and model Blake Lively will turn 25 this Saturday, August 25.

Lively, born in Los Angeles to a showbiz family, is primarily in the spotlight for starring as Serena van der Woodsen on the teen drama Gossip Girl.

However, the 5-foot-10 sexpot validated her acting abilities by playing dope fiend Krista Coughlin in the 2010 film The Town.

Lively, who was named the most desirable woman in 2011 by AskMen, long banged bush league thespians Kelly Blatz and Penn Badgley.

One of the faces of Gucci decided to upgrade and briefly rolled in the hay last year with critically acclaimed actor Leonardo DiCaprio.

After DiCaprio tired of fornicating with the towering trim, Lively turned to Scarlett Johansson’s sloppy seconds, Ryan Reynolds.

Reynolds and Lively remain smitten with each other and the lovebirds recently tossed around $2 million to buy a cottage in Bedford, New York.

Sadly, Hollywood relationships often sour and ultimately end.

Hence, Lively could easily be back on the prowl in a mere matter of days.

In the name of blind hope, Happy Birthday wishes are delivered in advance to the lovely Blake Lively!

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