Birthday babe of the week – Kim Kardashian

Provided the opportunity, it would be imperative for any human being to practice safe sex with Kim Kardashian.

Terrible jezebel, bush league model, and wannabe actress Kim Kardashian will turn 32 on Sunday, October 21.

The 5-foot-2 insatiable penis seeker, born and raised in Los Angeles, California, is primarily famous for sporting an enormous derriere and filming a bang session with Snoop Dogg’s cousin, Ray J.

The smut tape ultimately pocketed the socialite $5 million and was named Kim Kardashian: Superstar.

A staple in men’s periodicals like Playboy, Maxim and FHM, Kardashian has comically already been divorced twice and stung countless individuals.

Currently, the quasi midget with colossal funbags and ass cheeks is rolling in the hay with Kanye West.

Despite being an untalented and legitimate floozy, Kardashian deserves praise for stealing attention from walking sexually transmitted disease Paris Hilton.

To a very wealthy zero, who would undoubtedly be fun to fornicate with, Happy Birthday wishes are kindly sent to the lovely Kim Kardashian!

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