Can you get muscular using resistance bands?

You won't gain muscle mass like this freak using resistance bands. But, you can look good by using them consistently.

Resistance bands have proven to effectively increase your strength and stimulate muscle growth. They’re lauded for creating tension and bolstering flexibility. Resistance bands require significant endurance, so consistently using them can greatly tone and define all of your muscles — so your muscles can get as big as you’re willing to work for. They’re also known to help you burn fat. Resistance bands are extremely convenient, durable and affordable, and they can be used virtually anywhere to work out.

Resistance Bands
You can buy resistance bands at most sporting goods stores. They’re available with different tension levels to accommodate people of varying levels of strength. According to the website Resistance Bands, resistance bands range from 15 lbs. to 300 lbs. in tension levels. They’re often wrongly considered fitness equipment strictly designed for rehabilitation. With the potential for 300 lbs. of tension, avid athletes and bodybuilders realize the physical benefits of using resistance bands.

Muscles Trained
Similar to dumbbells, you need to be familiar with workouts intended for resistance bands. The major muscles located in the upper body are your chest and back. The quadriceps is major muscles found in your lower-body. Conversely, your shoulders, triceps and biceps are the minor muscles in your upper body. The calves and hamstrings are the minor muscles in your legs. says that when you learn how to efficiently use resistance bands, every one of those major and minor muscles can be trained. Furthermore, you can also work your abs using resistance bands.

Resistance bands demand constant tension on your muscles. The constant tension can bolster your flexibility and cardiovascular health. Using resistance bands requires you to perform exercises in a controlled manner that concentrates on the concentric and eccentric portions of the movement. These motions dramatically stimulate muscles and exert fibers. Subsequently, during the rest period between workouts, your muscles grow and strengthen.

Unlike free weights, working out with resistance bands doesn’t cause the development of microscopic tears in your muscles. Therefore, you could train with resistance bands daily. Nevertheless, recommends you take days off to recover from working out with resistance bands, and you should take short rest periods between sets. Such a strenuous workout enhances your endurance and stamina, and greatly improves your overall cardiovascular health.

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