Carmelo Anthony’s teammates on the United States men’s national basketball team kidded him for pushing Jeremy Lin from Gotham!/img/httpImage/image.jpg_gen/derivatives/gallery_635/92s0fkl1.jpg

There is no question Carmelo Anthony wanted Jeremy Lin back in New York with the Knicks.

Carmelo Anthony’s teammates on the United States men’s national basketball team recently needled the star small forward for allegedly pushing Jeremy Lin away from the New York Kicks and to the Houston Rockets.

Earlier this month, Knickerbockers suits decided not to match what Anthony called a “ridiculous” offer sheet presented by the Rockets to Lin for $25 million over three years.

“Guys on the bus were laughing and giving him some flak,” said Knicks center Tyson Chandler, 29, the 2012 Defensive Player of the Year. “But Melo said, ‘I liked the kid. I wanted him back.’ You say that on the bus when no cameras are around and you know that’s how he really feels.”

Anthony, a five-time All-Star who the Denver Nuggets took out of Syracuse University with the third pick in the famed 2003 NBA Draft, reiterated his support for the Asian-American phenomenon.

“Believe it or not I’ve been one of the true supporters of Jeremy Lin,” said Anthony, 28, a 2008 Olympic gold medal winner who was traded by the Nuggets to the Knicks a few days prior to the 2011 trade deadline.

The 23-year-old Lin, who suffered a torn left meniscus in late-March that required season-ending surgery, averaged 14.6 points and 6.2 assists in 35-games as a Knick in 2012.

Lin apparently chapped New York’s ass by informing Houston that the Knicks intended to equal their deal so the Rockets brass would upgrade the offer.

After the Rockets improved the language of the contract, Lin covertly, somewhat like a sneaky weasel, flew into “Sin City” and signed the lucrative agreement.

Hence, the Harvard University graduate, with greed, backstabbing and miscommunication, unintelligently ended “Linsanity” in Gotham all on his lonesome.

In actuality, Anthony, who guided the Orangemen to their first National Championship in 2003, is the man who urged terminated coach Mike D’Antoni to give Lin an opportunity this past winter on the hardwood.

Carmelo Anthony flatly “liked the kid” and wanted the Jeremy Lin era to continue in Manhattan.

Any reports to the contrary are simply “ridiculous.”

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