Charlie Weis is a disgraceful man, and porous coach, who will undoubtedly destroy the Kansas Jayhawks football program

Charlie Weis is not a man for Lawrence.

With blubbery, prickly and unqualified head coach Charlie Weis at the helm, the Jayhawks lost to Oklahoma State 20-14 on Saturday at the University of Kansas Memorial Stadium in Lawrence.

After being trumped by the Cowboys (3-2), the Jayhawks fell to a pathetic 1-5 and Weis’ substandard career coaching record now stands at 36-32.

A week before Weis’ most recent embarrassment, the obese leader of men scolded The University Daily Kansan via Twitter for negative articles published bashing the Jayhawks and then directed a school official to ban questioning by one of its student beat writers.

“Team slammed by our own school newspaper. Amazing! No problem with opponents paper or local media,” tweeted Weis, 56, who remains in hideous physical condition despite undergoing gastric bypass surgery in 2002. “You deserve what you get! But, not home!”

Weis, who, prior to being terminated in South Bend, comically proclaimed that his intelligence would give the Fighting Irish a “decided schematic advantage” against their opponents.

The only “amazing” thing is that Weis is still employed.

Until he is canned, Charlie Weis will undoubtedly make the Kansas Jayhawks an enduring laughingstock in the world of college football.

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