Considering Aaron Rodgers is, by far, the best quarterback in the NFL today, it’s fair to wonder if Greg Jennings’ sister, Valyncia, possesses a 24th chromosome

The above dynamic duo doesn’t need to read the thoughts of a Jezebel named, Valyncia.

Dismissing an utterly brilliant performance in a 37-34 loss to the Minnesota Vikings on Sunday, legendary Green Bay Packers quarterback Aaron Rodgers was criticized by the asinine sister of two-time Pro Bowl wide receiver Greg Jennings, Valyncia.

As a two-time Pro Bowl selection, the 29-year-old Rodgers, who has tossed 171 touchdowns, in contrast to a measly 46 picks, for 21,661 yards in 78 professional starts, is the preeminent passer in the NFL today.

Despite playing behind a posse of bush league blockers, Rodgers, who the Packers (11-5) selected out of the University of California with the 24th pick in the 2005 NFL Draft, still somehow managed to throw for 39 scores, in comparison to eight interceptions, and 4,295 yards this season.

During yesterday’s defeat, Rodgers connected on 28 of 40 passes for 365 yards and four touchdowns and targeted the 29-year-old Jennings, ranked #56 in the Top 100 Players of 2012, on 12 occasions.

In total, the formidable tandem of Rodgers and Jennings recorded 120 yards and two touchdowns against the Vikings (10-6) defense.

“Aaron Rodgers come on u had GJ (Greg Jennings) for the TD twice. Get him the ball geez!!!!!,” tweeted Valyncia, whose lack of intelligence and decorum is worrisome. “My God Aaron Rodgers holds the ball forever! GJ was wide open 5x for that touchdown! Goodness he acts like he doesn’t want to throw to him. GJ is the only receiver that has to jump in the air with both hands up to get the ball!!! It’s ridiculous I pray he departs GB ASAP! ARod is the most overrated QB in the league! He is no where near Peyton or Brady! It sickens me, Peyton would avg. 5 TD with this squad!!!”

Jennings, who the Packers took out of Western Michigan University with the 52nd choice in the 2006 draft, is a burner who, if healthy, can bolster the quick slant pattern.

Along with star receivers Randall Cobb and Jordy Nelson, Jennings, who has compiled 425 receptions for 53 touchdowns and 6,537 yards over 96 games, should be able to continue getting open and allow Rodgers to promptly chuck the pigskin and alleviate some pressure in the pocket.

The Vikings will play the Packers on Saturday night in Lambeau Field.

Per usual, Rodgers, the Super Bowl XLV MVP, will dominate and lead the Packers to an easy triumph over the Vikings this weekend.

Provided Valyncia, who may possess a 24th chromosome, actually focuses on the game, she may manage to realize that Aaron Rodgers is far more than simply “near Peyton or Brady!”

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