Delmon Young of the Detroit Tigers is a potentially dangerous feline

Delmon Young is seemingly unstable. reported Detroit Tigers outfielder Delmon Young was arrested this morning at approximately 2:30 a.m. for third-degree assault and an “aggravated harassment hate crime” for allegedly attacking a group of male tourists from Chicago while yelling anti-Semitic epithets outside of a Hilton near Times Square in New York City.

Nobody was injured in what fortunately turned out to be little more than a glorified pillow fight.

Young, who in 2006 was suspended for 50 games without pay as a member of the Durham Bulls by the International League after he purposely threw a bat that struck an umpire in the chest, released a statement Friday afternoon.

“I sincerely regret what happened last night. I apologize to everyone I affected, the Ilitch family, the Detroit Tigers’ organization, my teammates, my family, and the great Tigers fans that have supported me since day one,” said Young, 26, a native of Montgomery, Alabama. “I take this matter very seriously and assure everyone that I will do everything I can to improve myself as a person and player.”

The slippery lawyer retained by Young, Daniel Ollen, strongly questioned the validity of the charges pressed against the bloodthirsty Tiger.

“Let me be clear, there are many false allegations regarding the actions of my client,” said Ollen. “I am confident that the legal process will separate fact from fiction and discredit these reports.”

Young, who made his professional debut with the Tampa Bay Devil Rays in 2006 and signed a one-year contract worth $6,725,000 in the off-season to play in “The D,” can become a free agent after the season.

The fuzz is yet to confirm, or deny, if any of the Chicagoans were actually Jewish.

However, authorities strongly hinted that Young was belligerently intoxicated when he instigated violence in Gotham.

Young has proven in the past that he is prone to maniacal acts while completely sober.

When the aggressive, and potentially dangerous, “Motown” feline is under the influence of alcohol, an episode like the one earlier today is sadly predictable.

For the betterment of society, hopefully Delmon Young truly does “regret what happened last night” and wants to progress and advance “as a person.”

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