Demaryius Thomas says Peyton Manning is extremely demanding and his words can be hurtful

Peyton Manning is forcing Demaryius Thomas to grow balls.

Unaccomplished Denver Broncos wide receiver Demaryius Thomas says future Hall of Fame quarterback Peyton Manning is extremely demanding and his words can be very hurtful.

The Broncos signed Manning to a five-year contract worth $96 million as a free agent on March 20.

“It’s not easy. He stays on you,” said Thomas, 24, who has only caught 54 balls for 834 yards and six touchdowns since making his professional debut two-years ago.

Thomas, the Broncos 22nd pick out of Georgia Tech in the 2010 NFL Draft, continued detailing his working experiences with Manning.

“Sometimes, it stings,” Thomas said. “But I’m the type of guy that doesn’t say anything. I just go back on the field and do my job.”

The Broncos are a middling crew, with zero quality receivers, and a murderous 2012 schedule.

Further worrisome for executive vice president of football operations John Elway, Manning will be forced to perform in often grisly weather conditions at the Sports Authority Field.

Unfortunately for Elway and Manning, Denver’s litany of personnel and competitive concerns are the least of their issues.

The four-time AP NFL MVP, who led the Indianapolis Colts to ultimate glory over the Chicago Bears 29-17 in Super Bowl XLI, was forced to miss all of last season after undergoing an alarming four neck surgeries in 19 months.

Many onlookers and pundits alike fawned over a leaked video that featured the 11-time Pro-Bowler tossing a pigskin at Duke University with velocity and precision.

Dr. Robert Watkins performed the single-level cervical fusion and stated the damaged nerves in the 14-year veteran have regenerated to the point that he won’t be in danger when he steps on the gridiron.

Watkins is an extremely respected medical practitioner and it’s somewhat comforting that he’s publicly expressed Manning’s healthiness.

Still, regardless of Watkins’ pacifying words, a 36-year-old individual competing in a savage collision sport after four neck surgeries is, at best, disconcerting.

The five-time First-Team All-Pro is a deserving member of the NFL 2000s All-Decade Team and clearly one of the preeminent signal-callers in football history.

Nevertheless, Manning will never be the player he was and the Broncos made a perilous gamble inking him to a deal.

On the positive side, despite his probable physical limitations, Manning will offer incredible leadership and his teammates will be held accountable for their actions both on and off the field.

Although weathered and eroded, the mere presence of Peyton Manning in the huddle will make the Denver Broncos a far more formidable squad than they were as an adequate 8-8 Wild Card playoff team last autumn.

As Demaryius Thomas is painfully learning from Peyton Manning, “It’s not easy” to be better than average.

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