Despite being a gimp, Dallas Cowboys wide receiver Dez Bryant will torch the Chiefs in Kansas City

Dez Bryant is ready to become a superstar in the “Big D.”

An MRI revealed electric wide receiver Dez Bryant suffered a mild left foot sprain in the Cowboys’ 36-31 win on Sunday over the New York Giants in Dallas.

Recovered from a fractured left index finger that required surgery in January, the 24-year-old Bryant thankfully didn’t sustain a serious mid-foot sprain or Lisfranc injury and is expected to play this weekend against the Chiefs in Kansas City.

Taken 24th overall in 2010, the freakish 6-foot-2, 218 pound Bryant is an absolutely menacing physical force who can overwhelm defenders with strength, size and speed.

Born to a rock peddler, the native Texan had long been notorious for acting violently and lacking responsibility.

Now maturing and concentrating strictly on football, Bryant has reportedly developed great chemistry with Dallas quarterback Tony Romo.

Teaming with offensive talents Miles Austin and Jason Witten, opponents will be forced to double-team Bryant at their own risk.

Catching 204 balls for 2,893 yards and 27 touchdowns over 44 games as a Cowboy, Bryant deserves ample credit for overcoming a horrifying upbringing to shine on the gridiron.

Despite performing on a gimpy wheel, Dez Bryant will find a way to torch the Chiefs in Week 2.

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