Despite Dan Tordjman’s apology to New York Yankee Robinson Cano, the bush league reporter remains a pathetic excuse for a professional

Dan Tordjman is a fool for his handling of Robinson Cano.

Standout New York Yankee Robinson Cano finally received a public apology from Charlotte’s WSOC-TV for a September 20 tweet by one of their bush league reporters, Dan Tordjman, who irresponsibly announced the Gold Glove second baseman failed a piss test for performance-enhancing drugs and would be suspended.

Although never broadcasted that the 6-foot, 210 pound Cano was a juicehead, the station will donate money to the Robinson Cano Foundation, which benefits children with medical needs in the Dominican Republic, for the egregious actions of their rogue employee.

Tordjman expressed regret for his journalistic sin on Thursday.

“I shouldn’t have posted false info about #Cano and afterward, I should’ve admitted it was false and apologized right away. I am very sorry.”

Cano, a four-time All-Star and three-time Silver Slugger Award winner, has compiled 1,459 hits, 177 homers and a .308 batting average since making his debut in May 2005 on East 161st St and River Ave in the Bronx.

At only 29, the lefty swinging Cano has a legitimate opportunity to join Derek Jeter as the only Bombers to ever amass 3,000 hits.

The gifted slugger is a remarkable ballplayer, entering the prime of his career, who has likely competed cleanly over the past eight seasons.

Nevertheless, considering the rampant usage of synthetic testosterone and the fact he’s very close friends with doper Melky Cabrera, it’s impossible to definitively state that Cano hasn’t put needles in his ass.

Regardless, Tordjman should be “very sorry” and “shouldn’t have posted false info about #Cano and afterward, should’ve admitted it was false and apologized right away.”

Dan Tordjman allowed his pathetic “report” on Robinson Cano to fester for two weeks and, therefore, remains a shameful excuse for a professional.

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