Detroit Lions superstar Calvin Johnson will retire as the preeminent wide receiver in NFL history

Johnson finished only seven yards shy of Flipper Anderson’s single-game record.

Lions legend Calvin Johnson absolutely dominated in Sunday’s 31-30 victory over the Dallas Cowboys in Detroit.

The 28-year-old Johnson caught 14 passes for an astounding 329 yards and a score.

Blessed with amazing size, strength and leaping ability, the 6-foot-5, 236 pound Johnson has now compiled 47 catches for 821 yards and seven touchdowns over seven games.

Johnson broke Jerry Rice’s single-season mark for receiving yards with 1,964 in 2012 and remains the league’s most unstoppable player.

Able to complete the 40-yard dash in 4.35 seconds, the second overall pick in 2007 also possesses tremendous character and is a standout teammate.

With Reggie Bush helping to spread the field, Megatron’s mastery is just underway.

Provided quarterback Matthew Stafford’s protected in the pocket, there is not a coverage scheme that can even slow Johnson.

A three-time All-Pro who twice led the NFL in receiving yardage, Johnson alone gives the Lions a chance to overcome the Chicago Bears and Green Bay Packers in the NFC North.

Fielding the league’s eighth premier attack, Johnson and the Lions will keep electrifying “The D.”

On an individual note, don’t be shocked if Calvin Johnson retires in roughly 2021 as the preeminent wide receiver in history.

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