Developing into something of a modern day Butterbean, Kimbo Slice will knockout Australian Shane Tilyard on Wednesday night

Don’t try to be tough…Imagine throwing fists with Kimbo Slice??!!

Erstwhile street fighter and mixed martial artist Kimbo Slice will box for the seventh time as a professional against Australian Shane Tilyard on Wednesday night at the Entertainment Centre in Sydney.

The menacing 6-foot-1, 225 pound Slice (6-0, 5 KOs), whose real name is Kevin Ferguson, gained fame as a Miami hooligan who battered lowlifes in street brawls and then posted videos of the violent thrashings on YouTube.

Slice, a Bahamian muscleman who accumulated a mark of 4-2 as a mixed martial artist, last fought on October 6 when he earned a knockout victory over tomato can Howard Jones at the Buffalo Run Casino in Miami, Oklahoma.

Comparatively, the 5-foot-11, 250 pound Tilyard (6-6, 6 KOs) most recently defeated substandard pugilist Colin Wilson with a second round win.

“I haven’t come all this way to lose,” Slice, 38, told The Daily Telegraph. “I wanna break ribs, wanna hear them break.”

Slice undoubtedly possesses thunderous power in both fists and has shown decent boxing skills for an individual lacking much formal training in the ring.

“He’s street certified and boxing qualified,” said Slice promoter Gary Shaw.

The graying Slice, a man who possibly could have flourished as a prizefighter during his youth and inflicted serious damage against opponents in a division devoid of talent, snickered at Shaw’s remark.

“Obviously boxing, there’s more science,” said Slice. “But the biggest difference? There’s a referee in there. So that means my fights now … man, they’re going to be stopped well before I can kill you.”

Developing into something of a modern day Butterbean, expect Kimbo Slice to “break ribs” and knock the 26-year-old Shane Tilyard onto Queer Street roughly 72 hours from this evening.

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