Disgraced Yankee Alex Rodriguez may accept a reduced ban from MLB


Rodriguez, who has visited the disabled list six times over the past six seasons, is not a man for Gotham.

Wallace Matthews of ESPN New York reported Thursday that Yankees laughingstock Alex Rodriguez may accept a reduced suspension from MLB.

The 38-year-old Rodriguez, who is facing a 211-game suspension for frequenting an anti-aging clinic in Miami called Biogenesis, had previously vowed to fight any ban in federal court.

“All of this has been presented to Alex and he is weighing his options,” said Matthews’ source. “In certain situations it may not make much sense to continue to fight.”

Biogenesis founder Tony Bosch, who initially stonewalled investigators, admits that “Bitch Tits” was a valued customer.

Even more damning, MLB can apparently prove that Rodriguez tried to destroy evidence linking him to human growth hormone and other performance-enhancing substances.

Rodriguez is a 10-time Silver Slugger Award winner who has amassed 654 homers, 2,939 hits and 1,969 RBI since debuting as a professional with the Seattle Mariners in July 1994.

However, Rodriguez’s statistics are completely fraudulent and he represents baseball’s ongoing juice epidemic.

Lacking the morals and testicular fortitude to thrive naturally, A-Rod shouldn’t be permitted to “(weigh) his options.”

With a ruling expected soon, arbitrator Fredric Horowitz must remain strong and blacklist Rodriguez for at least the entire 2014 campaign.

It does “not make much sense to” shower Alex Rodriguez with millions of dollars for being a perpetual cheat.

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