Dominating as a player and maturing as a man, Cowboys star Dez Bryant will shred the Saints

Excluding Calvin Johnson, Bryant’s the premier wide receiver in today’s NFL.

Still battling a bummed back, electric Cowboys wide receiver Dez Bryant will play on Sunday night when Dallas visits the Saints in New Orleans.

Thankfully, reports now indicate that Bryant isn’t dealing with a bulging or herniated disc and plans to compete through the pain.

“I feel good and I’m playing on Sunday,” said Bryant, 25, who Dallas took 24th overall in 2010 out of Oklahoma State. “That’s all y’all need to know.”

The freakish 6-foot-2, 218 pound Bryant is an absolutely menacing physical force who can overwhelm defenders with strength, size and speed.

Born to a rock peddler, the native Texan’s been accused of acting violently and lacking responsibility.

Although still prone to needless sideline antics and outbursts, Bryant is seemingly maturing and concentrating strictly on football.

Catching 51 pigskins for 705 yards and eight scores over nine games, it’s also evident that Bryant’s developed great chemistry with Tony Romo.

Sitting atop the NFC East at 5-4, loaded with playmakers, and featuring the league’s fourth preeminent attack, opponents are forced to double-team Bryant at their own risk.

On a personal note, Bryant deserves ample credit for overcoming a horrifying upbringing to shine on the gridiron.

Professionally, Dez Bryant will shred New Orleans’ stout defense this weekend and “that’s all y’all need to know.”

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