Dr. Brian Cole confirms Taj Gibson’s claim that superstar teammate Derrick Rose is ‘ahead of schedule’


Derrick Rose has overcome more in the streets than he will ever need to on the hardwood.

Dr. Brian Cole flatly confirmed the claim made by Chicago Bulls power forward Taj Gibson that superstar teammate Derrick Rose is “ahead of schedule” in the rehabilitation process to repair the torn ACL in his left knee.

“Derrick is ahead of schedule,” said Cole, who performed the surgery in May.

The 23-year-old Rose, a three-time NBA All-Star who became the youngest player ever to earn the Most Valuable Player award in 2011, suffered the severe injury on April 28 during Game 1 of the Eastern Conference quarterfinals series against the Philadelphia 76ers.

Earlier this month, Gibson said Rose is rapidly recovering and predicted that “The Windy City” native would return better than ever.

“I think he’s improving quicker than people have expected him to improve,” said Gibson, 26, who the Bulls took out of the University of Southern California with the 26th pick in the 2009 NBA Draft. “He’s in there every day and he’s pushing it to the limits every time I see him. I think he’ll come back even better than he was before.”

The 2010 NBA All-Rookie First Team selection reiterated his declaration that Rose will heal and ultimately prove to be even more dominant.

“I think he’s going to be better in my honest opinion,” reiterated Gibson. “It’s tough when you’re coming off so many different injuries. You [usually] don’t have time to work on your body [during the season]. But after this injury, he’ll understand more than ever how important it is to maintain your body and stay on top of your legs. As he works through this recovery, he’s already been pushing his legs and it’s great.”

Rose, an otherworldly and extremely likable talent, was born and raised in one of Chicago’s most violent and dangerous neighborhoods in its Englewood area.

Considering what Derrick Rose undoubtedly overcame in the gritty streets as a youth, the mending Bull will always remain “ahead of schedule” on the hardwood.

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