Finally ready to toss bush league passer Mark Sanchez, the New York Jets should sign the talented Michael Vick

Mark Sanchez couldn’t scrub Michael Vick’s cleats.

Finally sickened by Mark Sanchez and ready to trade the bush league pouter, the New York Jets will reportedly attempt to sign impending free agent Michael Vick this offseason to play quarterback and lead the team in 2013.

The 26-year-old Sanchez, who the Jets (6-8) took with the fifth overall selection out of the University of Southern California (USC) in the 2009 NFL Draft, was permanently shelved in favor of Greg McElroy after a comically atrocious performance in a 14-10 loss to the Tennessee Titans on Monday night.

In 61 career starts, the shopworn Trojan has connected on a porous 55.2% of his passes for 68 touchdowns, in comparison to 68 picks, and 11,887 yards.

The greatest quality a signal-caller can possess is accuracy and the Mexican-American, who earned the 2009 Rose Bowl Most Valuable Player award, lacks even a shred of touch on the ball and is flatly the most erratic chucker in the league today.

It is evident that Sanchez is entirely unequipped to consistently compete on the professional level.

Conversely, the 6-foot, 215 pound Vick, who has thrown 122 touchdowns, in contrast to 81 interceptions, for 20,077 yards since the Atlanta Falcons chose him with the first pick out of Virginia Tech in the 2001 NFL Draft, was shelved for the immortal Nick Foles after being concussed in November.

Vick, a brittle 32-year-old who tossed 11 scores, against nine picks, for 2,165 yards over nine games, struggled with the Eagles (4-10) this season.

Regardless, the winner of the 2010 NFL Comeback Player of the Year award, who is the all-time NFL leading rusher for quarterbacks with 5,526 yards and 34 scores, was forced to perform behind a depleted offensive line that couldn’t block Clay Aiken.

Gang Green has a dearth of offensive talent and Vick, with his dynamic legs and left arm, can manufacture points on athletic ability alone.

Furthermore, the Jets offensive line continues to be a solid unit capable of protecting their passer.

Vick, a four-time Pro Bowl selection who missed winning the MVP race by a pubic hair two seasons ago, has proved that he can flourish in the pocket when provided with time.

Hence, Vick, who apparently would relish the opportunity to come to Gotham and become a Jet, is an ideal option for at least the short-term.

The swamps of Jersey are presently uglier than ever and Michael Vick, the mastermind behind Bad Newz Kennels, could be the man to help beautify East Rutherford next autumn.

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