Following the death of Garrett Reid, Philadelphia Eagles owner Jeffrey Lurie spoke like a scumbag

Philadelphia Eagles owner Jeffrey Lurie needs to learn when to speak.

Philadelphia Eagles owner Jeffrey Lurie again insinuated on Thursday night that head coach Andy Reid will be fired if the team doesn’t improve on its 8-8 record in 2011.

“I really wanted to try to explain to you that 8-8 was unacceptable,” said Lurie, 60, a Bostonian who worked as a Hollywood producer prior to purchasing the Eagles in May 1994. “That was a really unacceptable outcome. I just want to reiterate that.”

Lurie also belittled the Eagles mark because they won the final four games of the season to break mediocre.

“It was fool’s gold,” said Lurie, who hired Reid in 1999 to lead his franchise. “We all thought we were better than 8-8 but we weren’t because your record tells you what you were.”

The 54-year-old Reid, who has gone 136-90-1, captured six division titles and appeared in five NFC championship games in his 13 seasons on the sidelines in Philly, has been provided with an extremely talented roster and the Eagles undoubtedly need to have more success on the gridiron this autumn.

Essentially, everything that Lurie stated is fair and accurate.

However, considering Reid lost his oldest son, Garrett, a mere three weeks ago, Lurie should have kept his lips sealed and never uttered a single word.

The man with the 11th highest winning percentage in history, voted the 2000 Sporting News Coach of Year and 2002 AP Coach of the Year, entirely realizes “that 8-8 was unacceptable.”

Sadly, in this particular instance, Jeffrey Lurie spoke like an “unacceptable” human being and its important “to reiterate that.”

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