Former middleweight titlist Kelly Pavlik drunkenly stiffs a cab driver

Kelly Pavlik is in more trouble outside of the squared circle than he ever was in it.

Former middleweight titlist Kelly Pavlik was charged Wednesday with a first-degree misdemeanor in Canfield, Ohio.

Long battling substance abuse, the 31-year-old Pavlik (40-2, 34 KOs) drunkenly stiffed a cab driver on a $25 fare and is scheduled to be arraigned for the petty crime on Friday.

Pavlik, who surprisingly retired from the sport this past January, allegedly cursed at the cabby and said “I’m not paying. You go (expletive) yourself.”

Last exiting the squared circle in July 2012 as a unanimous decision victor over “Power” Will Rosinsky, Pavlik’s only losses as a professional came at the hands of legendary boxer Bernard Hopkins and 2010 “Fighter of the Year” Sergio Martinez.

Undergoing two major surgeries on his left hand in 2009 to mend a stubborn staph infection that gravely jeopardized his overall health, “The Ghost” continues to struggle with firewater.

After getting arrested in December 2011 for crashing his all-terrain vehicle into a telephone pole while intoxicated, Pavlik entered the Betty Ford Clinic for a second time and then left the hospital within a week.

Roughly seven months later in August, The Vindicator newspaper reported a shitfaced Pavlik fought his brother at their family home.

Pavlik fled before the fuzz arrived and his bloodied sibling declined to press charges against the tipsy slugger.

The tormented pugilist apparently “punched the west-facing side door of the home and pulled his brother, Michael, out of the broken window.”

Official police records also noted that Kelly and Michael were boozing when the violence erupted.

Considering alcoholism is a disease that Pavlik can’t knockout, it’s evident “The Ghost” badly requires clinical help.

With the troubled prizefighter floored, Kelly Pavlik needs assistance to get off the canvas of life.

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