Once a founding partner of ‘Soul Glo,’ Josh Freeman is now the Vikings’ starting quarterback


Josh Freeman simply dwarfs Christian Ponder on the gridiron.

Quarterback Josh Freeman will start when the Minnesota Vikings play the Giants on Monday night in the swamps of Jersey.

The 25-year-old Freeman signed with Minnesota three days after getting clipped by the rudderless Tampa Bay Buccaneers on October 3.

Freeman struggled mightily this season over three games as a Buc and completed an abysmal 45.7 percent of his 94 attempts.

Regardless, Freeman has far more upside than middling backup Christian Ponder.

A founding partner of the “Soul Glo” business, the former Kansas State Wildcat tossed 80 touchdowns, against 66 picks, for 13,534 yards since being taken 17th overall in 2009.

Conversely, Ponder has thrown 33 scores, in comparison to 30 interceptions, for 5,479 yards in 29 starts.

Although unable to ignite the “Cigar City,” Freeman was forced to work with terrible clowns pocket Greg Schiano.

Schiano thinks he’s tougher than Balls Mahoney and even the legendary Tom Brady could flounder running Tampa Bay’s system.

Freeman possesses a powerful arm and has incredible physical tools.

However, Freeman also has difficulty reading a defense and is plagued with substandard vision on the gridiron.

Despite sitting at 1-4, Minnesota fields the league’s 10th ranked attack and clearly has offensive weapons that can get the ball in the end zone.

Furthermore, the Giants (0-6) have the worst defense in the NFL and Freeman should be able to gain confidence by challenging New York’s anemic secondary.

Although the Vikings won’t return to the playoffs this winter, Josh Freeman is the team’s best option and Minnesotans can finally forget about Christian Ponder.

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