‘Highly intrigued’ with the Clippers, Whitey Bulger will fornicate with Mayor Menino before Doc Rivers returns to the Boston Celtics


Leprechauns will soon no longer surround Doc Rivers.

With “strong mutual interest” between the Clippers and Boston’s head coach, Doc Rivers seems ready to abandon the Celtics for Los Angeles.

Leading the Celtics since 2004, ESPN reports the 51-year-old Rivers is “highly intrigued” at the idea of working with superstars Blake Griffin and Chris Paul in Tinseltown.

Finishing 56-26, Los Angeles canned Vinny Del Negro after the Memphis Grizzlies ousted the talented team on May 3.

Somewhat similarly, following a mediocre 41-40 campaign, the New York Knicks eliminated the graying Celtics in the opening round of the playoffs.

As Kevin Garnett and Paul Pierce near geriatricacy, Boston clearly needs to rebuild and start anew to contend for their 17th crown.

Although serving as red-headed bastards behind the Lakers, the Clippers are an extremely solid squad and Rivers could embolden the organization.

Additionally enticing, Los Angeles’ management is apparently willing to restart trade negotiations for the 37-year-old Garnett.

Regardless of what occurs in “La-La Land,” Whitey Bulger will fornicate with Mayor Menino before Rivers returns to 100 Legends Way this autumn.

Doc Rivers and the Boston Celtics are in the midst of an amicable divorce and the Los Angeles Clippers may primarily benefit from the split.

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