In contrast to the opinions of seventy percent of league general managers, the Los Angeles Lakers, and not the Miami Heat, will win the Larry O’Brien NBA Championship Trophy in June

The collection of talent on the Los Angeles Lakers is surreal.

In stark contrast to the opinions of seventy percent of the league’s general managers, the Los Angeles Lakers will prevent the Miami Heat from going back-to-back and the organization will capture its 18th Larry O’Brien NBA Championship Trophy this June.

The Lakers, who open their season on Tuesday against the Dallas Mavericks at the Staples Center in Los Angeles, added future Hall of Fame point guard Steve Nash and powerful center Dwight Howard this offseason to an already formidable roster consisting of iconic shooting guard Kobe Bryant, four-time All-Star Pau Gasol, batshit crazy 2004 Defensive Player of the Year Metta World Peace and two-time All-Star power forward Antawn Jamison.

Conversely, the Heat, who trumped the Oklahoma City Thunder in five games to earn a crown last summer, inked shooting guard Ray Allen, a 10-time All-Star who is the greatest three-point artist in NBA history, to a two-year deal worth in excess of $6 million to bolt Beantown for South Beach in July.

GMs also predict that LeBron James, a three-time MVP and six-time All-NBA selection, will again be formally anointed as the best player in the association.

The quartet of James, Allen and All-Star’s Dwyane Wade and Chris Bosh is undoubtedly imposing and worthy of immense praise.

Nevertheless, despite being a talented collection of geriatrics that will somewhat resemble The Golden Girls in high tops, the Lakers are a far more balanced squad than Miami and their physicality will scorch the Heat in the paint.

Provided the graybeard Lakers remain healthy, the incredible collection of stars in Tinseltown will ultimately prove to be overwhelming and prevail over all challengers.

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