Is Washington Nationals star Bryce Harper deserving of a 12-year-contract worth roughly $360 million?

Despite looking like a terrible bat cave, Bryce Harper is a special baseball talent actually worth many, many millions of dollars.

Without ever mentioning a client by name, Scott Boras insinuated to reporters that he will soon seek a 12-year contract extension for Washington National Bryce Harper.

The 20-year-old Harper signed a 5-year contract worth $9.9 million with Washington after being selected first overall in 2010.

“I’m more into 12-year deals for young players,” said Boras, 60, who represents roughly 175 professional ballplayers. “The M.O. is, you want to keep them in the franchise, and you want to be there for the fans and be a marquee for them. So why not?”

“They know these players are going to be very good for a long time. Then you have to calculate injury, which you can insure against. You can buy insurance policies for that. So then you’re trusting the equilibrium of the player’s abilities and trusting also the fact that he has the psychology to take on a major commitment to come out and play hard and execute that contract well. That’s certainly part of our job.”

A “five-tool player,” Harper is batting .277 with 18 homers and 46 RBI over 94 games.

However, as the result of a violent collision with the outfield wall at Chavez Ravine on May 13, Harper has been plagued by lingering shoulder and knee ailments throughout the season.

Hence, it’s virtually impossible to fairly judge the 2012 All-Star and NL Rookie of the Year’s sophomore campaign.

Prior to the fiasco in Tinseltown, Harper had a legitimate opportunity to overtake flamethrower Vida Blue as the youngest MVP in MLB history.

With almost a month on the diamond robbed from Harper, Blue’s record was secured largely thanks to general manager Mike Rizzo’s indecision and procrastination.

Sitting seven games behind the Cincinnati Reds in the Wild-Card standings, Washington is likely finished for 2013.

Nevertheless, employing Harper and flamethrower Stephen Strasburg, the Nationals are poised to remain a longstanding powerhouse in the National League East.

Already abstaining from drugs, alcohol and groupie beaver, inking the 6-foot-3, 230 pound Harper to a deal now would be wise.

Although Boras covets a pact valued at a whopping $360 million, the wunderkind will prove deserving of such astronomical amounts of money.

Considering Bryce Harper is “going to be very good for a long time,” Mike Rizzo needs to ask owner Ted Lerner for a blank check this offseason for the betterment of Washington’s future.

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