The Jacksonville Jaguars will fire Blaine Gabbert in March

Gabbert is learning how to hitchhike.

The Florida Times Union expects the Jaguars to either release or trade substandard signal-caller Blaine Gabbert this spring.

Somewhat sadly, the 6-foot-5, 235 pound Gabbert is delusional and denies the report.

“I plan on being back and competing for the job,” said Gabbert, 24, who inked a four-year deal with Jacksonville worth $12 million in July 2011. “I’ll be here [April 21] when we start over and go through the offseason program with the same coach.”

Gabbert threw one measly touchdown, against seven interceptions, for 481 yards in three games this autumn.

Particularly concerning, Gabbert completed an atrocious 48.8% of his 86 attempts.

Granted, the 10th pick in 2011 had a dearth of weapons to work with and he was backed by a feeble offensive line that couldn’t block Lennay Kukua.

Nevertheless, despite possessing great athleticism and a powerful arm, Gabbert can’t read a secondary, overreacts to pressure and is hideously inaccurate.

Although Chad Henne doesn’t exactly evoke memories of Johnny Unitas, Jacksonville may have equaled the 2008 Detroit Lions’ record for futility if the former Wolverine hadn’t replaced Gabbert in October.

Even with the 28-year-old Henne, Jacksonville went 4-12 and fielded the league’s most anemic attack.

May’s draft is loaded with talent and it’s especially deep at the quarterback position.

Jacksonville owns the third pick and could have an opportunity to choose amongst Teddy Bridgewater, Blake Bortles, Johnny Manziel, Brett Hundley and Derek Carr.

Regardless of who becomes the Jaguars’ newest sacrificial passer, Blaine Gabbert won’t be “competing for the job” in “The Bold New City of the South.”

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