Legendary badass Chuck Norris says Tim Tebow is the most ‘inspiring athlete to play the game of football’


Chuck Norris is armed and wants Tim Tebow in the NFL.

Legendary badass Chuck Norris believes in Tim Tebow and contends the embattled quarterback deserves a spot in the NFL.

After attempting a measly eight passes and 32 runs in the swamps of Jersey, the 25-year-old Tebow was clipped by the New York Jets on April 29.

Acquired from the Denver Broncos for a fourth and sixth-round selection in the 2012 draft, the native Floridian was supposed to challenge the immortal Mark Sanchez for time under center.

Instead, Jets coaches firmly refused to give the 6-foot-3, 235 pound Tebow an opportunity and enabled Sanchez’s unwatchable performances.

“Tebow is a player who rises to the occasion and delivers big in critical moments,” wrote Norris, 73, a 1999 Martial Arts History Museum inductee who earned the Fighter of the Year award in 1969 by Black Belt Magazine.

“He reminds me of myself when I used to compete in martial arts. I would spar with my black belts in class, and sometimes they would outscore me. Yet in the tournaments, I would defeat them. My students used to ask me, ‘Why is it that we can contend equally against you in class but can’t beat you in the tournaments?’ My answer was always the same: ‘When it counts, I rise to the occasion.’ I never have seen a more determined or inspiring athlete to play the game of football.”

Throwing 17 touchdowns, against nine interceptions, for 2,422 yards in 14 starts, Tebow guided Denver to a 7-4 record and a playoff victory over the Pittsburgh Steelers in January 2012.

Although never to be confused with Johnny Unitas, the consistently successful Tebow is a proven winner on both the collegiate and professional levels.

Whether it be for an NFL, CFL or AFL franchise, Tim Tebow is a man built to prevail on the gridiron who will always “rise to the occasion” when given a fair chance.

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