Lying about Trojans brawling, USC suits need to axe inept head coach Lane Kiffin

Sans his banging wife, Layla, Lane Kiffin would be the ultimate loser.

With University of Southern California (USC) senior quarterback Matt Barkley shelved due to a sprained AC joint, a rumble pitting freshmen against seniors apparently erupted in the Trojans locker room after the team was embarrassed 21-7 by Georgia Tech in the Sun Bowl on New Year’s Eve in El Paso, Texas.

The 6-foot-2, 230 pound Barkley, who was once projected as the first pick in this April’s draft, tossed 116 touchdowns, in comparison to a measly 48 interceptions, for 12,327 yards since making his debut in “The City of Angels” as a freshman in 2009.

Unfortunately for the 22-year-old Barkley, who many had predicted would guide USC (7-6) to its 12th national championship and become the school’s seventh Heisman Memorial Trophy winner, younger Trojans reportedly questioned the golden boy’s testicular fortitude and doubted “the leadership of the team’s seniors and whether they gave 100 percent effort for the Sun Bowl.”

The melee involved a minimum of 10 players and ESPN’s source called it a “flat-out brawl.”

An anonymous player told the Daily News that “it was one of the worst things (he’d) seen in a locker room.”

Predictably, atrocious USC head coach Lane Kiffin denied that a scrap occurred and simply claimed that heated words were exchanged.

“Contrary to media reports, there was not a brawl or altercation in our locker room after the Sun Bowl,” said Kiffin, 37, a polarizing clown’s pocket who has destroyed relationships with past employers at the University of Tennessee and Oakland Raiders. “There was a noisy verbal exchange among a couple players who were frustrated with the outcome of the game. It lasted less than a minute. There was nothing physical. That happens sometimes in football locker rooms after a disappointing loss.”

Kiffin, who has compiled substandard records of 32-19 in college and 5-15 in the NFL, should be axed for guiding a fleet of underachievers, calling bush league plays and possibly violating NCAA ethics codes this past autumn.

More egregiously, the late Al Davis’ primary nemesis needs to be clipped for lying and having such little command of the Trojans that a “flat-out brawl” occurred while he’s stealing roughly $2.4 million annually to direct the school’s fabled football program.

Although the odds of termination are now extremely minimal, the suits that run the University of Southern California need to hand Lane Kiffin a pink slip or the Trojans can expect to amass countless more “disappointing losses” over the coming seasons.

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