Memorable sports moment of the week – Disgusting juicehead Roger Clemens throws a bat at Mike Piazza in the 2000 World Series

Roger Clemens is a pathetic animal.

12 years ago tonight on October 22, hideous juicehead Roger Clemens pitched New York to a 6-5 victory over the Mets in Game 2 of the 2000 World Series in front of 56,059 fans at Yankees Stadium.

Despite taking a commanding 2-0 lead in the first postseason Subway Series since 1956, the game remains infamous for Clemens’ psychotic decision to throw a broken bat at Mike Piazza in the first inning.

After the shard-wielding loon bizarrely tried to again physically injure Piazza, the 10-time Silver Slugger Award winner approached the mound and repeatedly asked the known admirer of synthetic testosterone, “What’s the problem?”

Somewhat comically, Clemens, an adulterer who allegedly began banging country music singer Mindy McCready when she was a sickening 15 years of age, barely acknowledged Piazza and continually screamed, “I thought it (the broken bat) was the ball!”

This past July, Piazza’s scorching wife, Playboy stunner Alicia Rickter, told TMZ she and her husband believe Clemens was on performance-enhancing drugs when the shameful flamethrower hurled the dangerous weapon.

“Yes, he does think that,” said Rickter, 40, who graciously doffed her clothes to become Miss October 1995. “He does and I do.”

The likable Piazza, who batted .308 and hit 427 homers and 1,335 RBI in 15 seasons, was diplomatic answering questions about the sociopath who in April 2006 claimed all Japanese and Koreans were dry cleaners.

“People ask me [about his steroid use], but the only time I’ve ever known him is hitting against him,” said Piazza, 44, who Clemens frighteningly concussed with a fastball to the head during an interleague game three months earlier in July. “It’s really tough for me to say, because I’ve never played with him, only against him. Look, he was a great pitcher. His record spoke for itself.”

“The Rocket,” who amazingly amassed 354 victories, in comparison to 184 losses, and 4,672 strikeouts in 23 seasons playing for four teams, was named in 1999 to the MLB All-Century Team.

From a statistical standpoint, the 11-time All-Star and seven-time Cy Young Award winner is clearly one of the preeminent pitchers in the history of the sport of baseball.

However, Clemens is primarily a weasel who on June 18 was wrongly found not guilty on all six counts of lying to Congress in 2008 by asserting he wasn’t a charlatan doper.

Regardless of the decision made in a courtroom, the disgraceful Texan is a maniacal animal who represents all that was, and is, wrong with America’s Pastime.

Although Piazza, a 12-time All-Star, performed well against the Yankees, the Bombers still trumped the Mets in five games to capture their 26th crown in franchise history.

Piazza undoubtedly knows what triggered Clemens’ insane aggression during that notorious autumn evening on East 161st St and River Ave in the South Bronx.

Unfortunately, the reprehensible Roger Clemens ultimately prevailed and outdid the gregarious and professional Mike Piazza.

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