Memorable sports moment of the week – ‘The Modern Day Warrior’ Kerry Von Erich passes away

Kerry Von Erich was a legitimate superstar in the world of professional wrestling.

Legendary wrestler Kerry Von Erich committed suicide at the age of 33 by a single gunshot to the heart at his father’s ranch in Denton County, Texas, 20 years ago this Monday on February 18, 1993.

The 6-foot-2, 254 pound Von Erich, born Kerry Gene Adkisson, debuted in the squared circle in June 1979 against Gary Hart.

The Modern Day Warrior, who captured 40 titles in numerous organizations during his 14 years in the ring, was the fourth of Fritz Von Erich’s six sons.

Although the Von Erich family, inducted into the class of 2009 WWE Hall of Fame, was something of rasslin’ royalty, tragedy plagued the clan and three of Kerry’s brother’s, David, Mike and Chris, also took their lives in separate violent incidents.

Built like an Adonis, Kerry, who is primarily renowned for performing in World Class Championship Wrestling (WCCW) and the World Wrestling Federation (WWF), was the most athletically gifted of Fritz’s children.

As an utterly dominant force in the business, Kerry was an extremely popular sports entertainment superstar who conquered more muff than the entire Dallas Cowboys’ roster combined.

Sadly, at the pinnacle of an illustrious career, Kerry’s life was forever altered when he nearly died in a motorcycle accident in June 1986.

Although able to survive the horrific crash, Kerry suffered a dislocated hip and badly injured right foot that eventually needed to be amputated.

Like a “Warrior,” Von Erich secretly scrapped with a prosthetic foot and even showered wearing boots to conceal the extent of damage to his otherwise statuesque body.

Masking physical, mental and emotional issues, Kerry became addicted to pain killers and battled severe drug problems.

With a crumbling marriage, the belief that death was inevitable, and the likelihood of spending extensive time behind bars on narcotics charges, Kerry, a father of two girls, no longer had the desire to exist.

Heartbreakingly, the great Kerry Von Erich decided to vacate the world two decades past this week.

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