Mets flamethrower Zack Wheeler can help the Mets become royalty in Queens!/httpImage/image.JPG_gen/derivatives/display_600/image.JPG

Zack Wheeler is dripping with potential.

Surrendering only one run and seven hits over six innings, budding stopper Zack Wheeler led the New York Mets to a 4-1 victory against the Padres on Thursday in San Diego.

Drafted six overall in 2009 by the San Francisco Giants and then traded to the Mets in 2011, the 23-year-old Wheeler (5-2, 3.43 ERA) has fanned 57 batters over 63 innings since debuting on June 18.

Using a curveball, changeup, slider and fastball that routinely touches 97 mph, Wheeler has the potential to become a perennial All-Star.

With a 55-64 record and sitting 13 games behind the Cincinnati Reds and St. Louis Cardinals in the Wild-Card standings, “The Amazin’s” are again a substandard squad.

Fortunately for Mets suits, Wheeler and Matt Harvey give fans a reason to visit scenic Flushing.

Although far removed from even competing for their third World Series title, the native Georgian and Anne Vyalitsyna’s banging partner will keep Gotham’s red-headed stepchildren relevant.

Despite owning a losing record, Zack Wheeler is an individual capable of helping the Mets again become royalty in Queens.

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