Once resembling Rerun, a new photo shows JaMarcus Russell looking fit and healthy


JaMarcus Russell looks ready to compete on a gridiron.

A recent photo posted by TEST performance academy shows free agent quarterback JaMarcus Russell looking fit and healthy.

Shedding more than 50 pounds to get down to a svelte 265, the 27-year-old Russell deserves kudos for doggedly training and staying motivated.

Selected by the Oakland Raiders out of LSU first overall in the 2007 draft, Russell threw 18 touchdowns, against 23 interceptions, for 4,083 yards over the course of 31 painful games as a professional.

A codeine-craving signal caller with a diligence comparable to Jeffrey Lebowski‘s, the man previously resembling Rerun was fired by Oakland in May 2010.

Once wooing scouts with his size and incredible arm strength, Russell is widely considered the biggest bust in league history.

However, with newfound desire and commitment, Russell may manage to earn another opportunity.

Determined to no longer be mentioned alongside Ryan Leaf, the JaMarcus Russell story could actually have a nice ending.

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