Philadelphia’s District Attorney to ‘launch a grand jury investigation’ aimed at unlikable 76er Andrew Bynum

Just look at this jackass!

Further chapping Philadelphia District Attorney Seth Williams’ ass, 76ers general manager Tony DiLeo confirmed unlikable center Andrew Bynum may have surgery performed on his knee.

The 7-foot, 285 pound Bynum, a snatch who landed in Philly (23-34) as part of a four-team, 12-player deal in August, recently underwent an MRI that revealed he has a degenerative knee condition.

”I feel like it’s my life,” said Bynum, who the Los Angeles Lakers took as a 17-year-old out of St. Joseph High School in New Jersey with the 10th overall selection in the 2005 NBA Draft. “I’m 25 and I don’t want to have no cartilage.”

Like batshit crazy loons, Philadelphia’s suits remain hopeful that Bynum, chosen as a member of the All-NBA Second Team last season after averaging 18.7 points and 11.8 rebounds in 60 games, will compete on the hardwood this spring.

“How much is he getting paid? Do I need to launch a grand jury investigation? It could be fraud, theft of services or robbery,” tweeted Williams, 46, the first African-American District Attorney in Philadelphia and in the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania. “Fans and ticket buyers need to know. 10-9-8-76ers!”

If Bynum wasn’t a dirty malcontent, it would be entirely understandable that he doesn’t “want to have no cartilage.”

Unfortunately for Philadelphia’s red-headed stepchild, Bynum is a porous man not deserving of any benefit of doubt.

Bynum is a legitimate, and superior, force in the paint when happy and mobile.

Regrettably, even in a shrunken league where the invaluable center position is nearing extinction, Bynum is a bum whose spent patellas make him worthless.

DiLeo must axe Bynum and begin creating a new organizational plan in the offseason.

In the meantime, although obviously joking, it would be classic if Seth Williams decided “to launch a grand jury investigation” aimed at the prickly Andrew Bynum.

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