Ranking August’s five sexiest birthday babes

1) Swiss sexpot Xenia Tchoumitcheva – Tchoumitcheva is arguably humanity’s premier muff.


Tchoumitcheva looks very cozy on her backside.

2) Scorching thespian Mila Kunis – It’s still unsettling that Kelso deflowered Kunis.

Mila Kunis looks divine wearing pink undies

Kunis looks divine wearing pink undies.

3) Arousing actress Rachel Bilson – It has been medically proven that Bilson can cure erectile dysfunction.


www.sportsbycolin.com salutes Bilson.

4) Playboy model Lisa Dergan – Dergan could excite a monk.


The bulk of mankind couldn’t last more than 18 seconds in the sack with Dergan.

5) Lost actress Evangeline Lilly – Lilly is an erotic lady flower.


Lilly is Canada’s finest jewel box.

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