Rather than acting like a moron, Jacksonville Jaguars general manger Dave Caldwell should trade Maurice Jones-Drew


Maurice Jones-Drew deserves better than the Jacksonville Jaguars.

With the star running back in the final year of a $31 million deal, Jacksonville Jaguars general manger Dave Caldwell said Maurice Jones-Drew will not be traded and his contract will be “assessed after the season.”

The 28-year-old Jones-Drew, a three-time All-Pro who won the 2011 NFL rushing crown and established the Jaguars’ record for amassing the most yards on the ground in a season with 1,606, is recovering from a surgically repaired foot.

Jones-Drew, Jacksonville’s choice with the 60th pick in the 2006 NFL Draft out of UCLA, should be medically cleared and ready to participate in training camp by the end of July.

Hence, the 5-foot-7, 208 pound former Bruin, who will earn $4.95 million in 2013, can expect to be overworked by new head coach Gus Bradley without a complaint from Caldwell.

Lacking any leverage, Jones-Drew, who dons the number 32 as a reminder of getting snubbed by all 32 NFL franchises after bolting from Tinseltown as a junior, could focus, dominate this autumn, and seek greener pastures as a free agent next spring.

However, rather than creating an unhealthy environment and for the betterment of the organization, the Jaguars should shop Jones-Drew now.

Taking into account Jacksonville’s 2-14 record in the AFC South and primarily atrocious 53-man roster, Caldwell is a jackass not to explore the market for Jones-Drew.

At a minimum, the Jaguars are two campaigns away from competing and in 2015 Jones-Drew will be a geriatric by NFL standards.

Instead of watching Maurice Jones-Drew flee from “The Bold New City of the South” in 2014, Dave Caldwell would be wise to assemble talent for the elite backfield presence within the coming months.

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